Strategy. Planning. Execution.

Build Your Customer Success Program in 90 Days

We specialize in building the operational infrastructure and foundation needed to support business growth, satisfy investors and appeal to high-value customers.

Customer Success Consulting as a Service

Whether you are a new startup trying to raise additional funding rounds or a mature organization, Queen will work closely with you to identify your pain points, align your goals, and execute the plan. This service is project-based and tailored to your business needs and goals.

All services include:

  • audit of current operations

  • strategy, planning, and execution of the below services and programs

Customer Success Program
  • sales-to-cs handoff

  • customer onboarding

  • automation

  • CS software tool implementation

  • CS playbooks

  • 1:many tech touch/low touch campaigns

  • customer/user training program development

  • customer success or customer support staff capacity planning, coaching, training, and hiring

  • and more depending on your business needs and goals

Customer Support
  • support processes including escalations and multi-channel support (i.e. Twitter, social media, etc.)

  • support software tool implementation

  • templates, tags, macros

  • knowledge base help center content

Private and Secure
  • VPN, strong WiFi, and wired internet access

  • Private home office setup with Mac work computer (or your preferred equipment)

  • Secure file sharing and password management

  • Hourly rate or flat monthly rate

  • All payments are made to our registered business Queen J Consulting, Inc., so you save money on payroll, taxes, and benefits

  • Flexible contract (3 - 12 months)

  • Full-time or part-time depending on availability

  • The minimum contract length is 3 months. We can always renew and monitor the progress together to achieve the desired outcome

  • California based (PST time zone)

  • We only work with a few select clients throughout the year

headshot of white woman smiling customer success client queen j consulting


"Queen was a true thought partner with me as the Elevate Security customer success team grew. Her expertise in customer success metrics, customer support, and many other topics helped establish the foundations of our Customer Success team. Queen is hardworking, empathetic, and process minded. I would strongly recommend her to companies looking to build out the Customer Success muscle at their company."

Megan Caldwell
VP of Customer Success, Elevate Security


Mountain View, CA

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