Are you a customer success leader and HAVE TO DEAL WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS?

  • You have unidentified issues with your customer retention.

  • You are currently understaffed and don't have a dedicated customer success manager.

  • There's no budget allocated yet to hire a full-time customer success manager, but you nonetheless have customers to take care of.

  • You are an early stage startup and have to build a completely new customer success organization from scratch.

  • You want to optimize your current customer success organization for better performance.

If you've answered 'YES' to any of these problems, then these could lead to an unbelievably high churn rate and cause 'Leakage.' Not to mention the high probability of losing several thousands of dollars in marketing costs, missed up-selling opportunities, and lower LCV.

Focusing solely on customer acquisition - no matter how great - simply isn’t enough. Customer success is a significant revenue-generating organization. It's important for customer success leaders to build and maintain a proven sustainable and valuable customer success team and organization.

Customer success leaders have to deal with headcount budget constraints, lack of resources and the headache of continuously optimizing customer success programs for effectiveness.

Not to mention the time and attention it takes to build new customer success organizations from scratch. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to create a high performing customer success team and organization.

Nevertheless, customers still need your time and attention so they won't become disengaged and jump ship to your competitor causing significant churn and revenue issues. Did you know that acquiring new customers can be UP TO 25 TIMES more expensive than selling to your existing ones?

I typically work with small customer success teams at early to hyper-growth stage B2B SaaS startups to eliminate these burdens and challenges by offering flexible freelance services.






A quick (and unusual) side note: I’m selective when it comes to my clients.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, I only work with a very limited number of selected B2B SaaS startups at any given time.

I’ve seen the most success with businesses that have a bias towards taking action and trying new things.

If that sounds like you, then let’s have a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.