Here is how I can help you

I offer three consultation packages that I customize to your SaaS startup’s unique needs. Each plan is goal- and value-oriented, and I am motivated to see real results in terms of increased revenue, reduced churn, and an effective customer success program as a result of my consulting plan at work in your company.


Staffing Support for Startups Package | The Most Popular

This package is ideal for businesses that are understaffed, whether from hyper-growth, an employee leave of absence, or budget constraints that have prevented the hiring of a full-time customer success manager. Understaffing impacts business relationships with your customers, resulting in a loss of revenue and potential growth.

Goals for Your Business With This Package:

  • Increase customer retention through contract renewals

  • Build client relationships while consistently promoting the value of your software tool

  • Meet or exceed KPIs, metrics, and team goals

Contact me for a free consultation today to learn how I can assist your team in achieving streamlined customer success management.


Reduced Churn Package

Your business is signing on new customers, and that’s fantastic! But perhaps after sign on, customers are somehow unhappy with the product and service, failing to renew their contracts and leaving your company for a competitor. Churn not only diminishes the profitability of your company but also significantly impacts the ability to acquire additional funding from investors. The Reduced Churn Package is designed to help your company get through these pain points by focusing on maintaining your current contracts instead of replacing them.

Goals for Your Business With This Package:

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase customer retention through contract renewals, up-sells, and expansion

  • Increase time to value so your customers can quickly benefit from your product

  • Reduce cancellations

Contact me today for a free consultation to learn how I can lead your team in a variety of specific and unique processes designed to build your customer engagement and loyalty.


Build Customer Success Program Package | Startups in Early-Stage

In this package, I help you build your entire customer success strategy from scratch. This is ideal for new startups without documentation or training materials for customers. It is also beneficial for companies who lack internal processes and procedures for their employees, which results in poor employee performance and silos and affects churn rates and contract renewal goals.

Goals for Your Business With This Package:

  • Empower customers to independently utilize product

  • Ensure product is 100 percent self-serve

  • Establish processes for customer management and optimizing content

  • Create an internal team wiki for future employee training

Contact me today for a free consultation to learn how the Build Customer Success Program Package will help you gain the footings you need to reach your goals.

My role as a remote customer success consultant not only includes providing a strategic plan of action but also helping your team see the plan through to success. I work with a limited number of clients at a given time, and I work with clients who are eager to take action and try new things in order to produce the best outcome. If this sounds like you, I would love to learn more about your company and discuss how my services can benefit you. Contact me today.