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This frustrated customer success leader went from struggling to crushing customer success goals

Specific information has been excluded due to disclosure agreement with the client.



  • The company is a Series A SaaS startup.

  • Small team of fewer than 50 employees.

  • Customers pay either monthly or annually and are typically small-medium sized businesses with a few well-known global enterprise companies as well.


Max’s Top Paint Points

  • High churn, low retention

  • Low customer satisfaction

  • Overworked CSM

  • “We didn’t have a lot of tools, staff, and programs to help make our customers and team successful and I believe that contributed to the revolving door of customers and team members. We neglected some of our customers post-sale."

Success Metrics

Customer retention rate at the time-75%. New Goal-90%.

Solution-The Turning Point

  • Max hired me on a 12-month contract to help improve their customer success operations, specifically create customer success programs and advise their customers on product best practices for maximum value.

  • I developed and led monthly use case and product education webinars for current and prospective customers with a high attendance rate.

  • In addition to working on the customer success improvement project, I also managed a portfolio of customers with an annual recurring revenue (ARR) totaling $1million.


Key Achievements:

  • Identified and closed up-sell opportunities resulting in 489 additional user account seats, which added six figures in revenue.

  • 92% account renewal rate across my portfolio of customers (goal 85%).

  • Resolved complex (churn risk) issues for an important enterprise customer ($75,000 annual contract) that resulted in a contract renewal and up-sell opportunities.



  • After working with Max and his team for a year, Max exceeded his goal and increased the customer retention rate to 95% (up from 75%) and decreased net churn.

  • Customer engagement increased by 125%.

  • Max's team exceeded their KPIs and goals and received more revenue from expansion opportunities than the previous two years. 

  • Happy team, customers, and investors!