Why founders and customer success leaders should invest early in customer success software solutions


As a customer success consultant, I've worked with a few startups that did not use customer success software. When I asked my clients why they either said they didn't have the budget or didn't see the value in purchasing software strictly for the customer success team in the early stages of their business.

Instead, we used spreadsheets, Salesforce, Notion, Airtable, Google docs, etc. We had customer data everywhere! It was a complete nightmare and a mess at times. Manually counting user licenses or seats is like counting sheep in my sleep. It's boring! And if you made a mistake or deleted something, you could mistakenly overcharge a customer or risk losing valuable data for good.

Customer success technology is vital to any startup or company with a customer success organization. And your customer success managers will thank you.

Why? With customer success software, you can:

  • Free up customer success managers' time to focus on customers by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Proactively monitor account health to measure value by viewing feature usage and user activity.

  • Track and measure onboarding success. Merely checking off tasks on a checklist is not enough.

  • View data analytics with actionable insights such as risk alerts.

  • Create internal processes and procedures.

Not investing in customer success software could cost you more

Do you want upsells?

Do you want contract renewals?

Do you want happy customer success managers?

Do you want happy customers?

Do you want an organized customer success team?

If you've answered yes, then you should invest early in customer success software tools.

You should build your customer success organization and purchase customer success software as early as possible when you start to have paying customers.

Customer success software programs aren't meant to make your customers successful. Instead, they are valuable tools for your customer success team to use to help your customers achieve their desired outcome, which can lead to upsells, renewals, and happy customers.

There are many factors you need to consider based on your product, customers, and business goals before selecting a customer success software tool.

5 customer success software companies for lean startups

1). Kilterly

  • Monthly and annual pricing plans available

  • Plans start at $279/mo (1-1000 customers)

Features include:

  • Health score monitoring

  • Unlimited CS managers

  • Retention rate tracking

2). CustomerSuccessBox

  • Plans start at $499/month

Features include:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Alerts & Tasks

  • Account Health Monitoring

3). Custify

  • Plans start at $199/mo for 250 monthly active users

Features include:

  • Up to 2 seats / users

  • Customer outreach directly from Custify

  • Customer Segmentation

4). Akita

  • Plans start at $300/mo for 3 users

Features include:

  • Dedicated Success Engineer

  • 360-degree Customer View

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

5). Planhat

  • Plans start at $500/mo (unlimited users) + $1 per customer/mo

Features include:

  • Playbooks

  • Customer 360

  • Product Usage Tracking