Meet Queen Joseph

  • 5 + years of customer success, SaaS, and startup experience

  • Certified and trained in customer success management with continuous education

  • 7 + years of consulting experience

  • 3 years of award-winning account management experience

  • Basketball sports fan (Go Golden State Warriors!)

  • Lover of antique cars and boxing

  • True crime fanatic

  • Bad golfer

  • CEO, Consultant, and Founder of Queen J Consulting

woman playing golf posing in golf swing

Changing the customer experience one process at a time

Queen J Consulting started as a consulting firm working with healthcare businesses. That changed when our CEO Queen emailed a startup founder and explained how his team could improve their customer support and success services based on the poor and inadequate service she received from them. To her surprise, the founder was open and receptive to feedback (a must if you want a successful business).

The founder hired Queen to change things around for his company (and she did!), which was the start of our new journey.

We've worked with over a dozen startups and SaaS companies to date. We aim to provide excellent services and value to our clients, and if we feel we are unable to help you, we will recommend you to our network of consultants.

Through our customer success consulting as-a-service, we support startups at various stages of growth and leaders who may need additional resources, lack the time, skill, or experience required to operationalize their success or support team fully.

We offer flexible contracts and if you aren't happy with our services you can cancel.

We understand startups are often in a budget crunch, so we offer hourly consulting services, which may be more cost-effective than our project-based services.

If you have any questions, get in touch, or book a 20-minute intro call to learn more.


Mountain View, CA

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